35 Years Of Death Metal!

It seems hard to believe that the most barbaric, brutish, and bloodthirsty form of music the world has ever known has now been around for 35 savage years. It almost defies logic that such an intense musical form could have such lasting influence. Nonetheless, through all the trends that have come and gone, Death Metal stands tall. As a beacon of brutality, a monolith of malice, an obelisk of obscenity, Death Metal is impossible to ignore. Most are repulsed by its imagery and horrified by its sounds, but for the initiated, Death Metal is a way of life.

We here at Pull The Plug Patches present to you our favorite album for each year since 1985. No list can ever be definitive, and we’re certain that our choices will be debated, but these are 35 albums that helped to define and subsequently redefine the Death Metal landscape. We had only one rule in compiling this list: no single band could be represented more than once.

In subsequent  posts we will give a run down of what we liked so much about each of these albums. Here’s to 35 more years of mayhem and malevolence!

2019 - Tomb Mold
2018 - Necrophobic
2017 - Immolation
2016 - Blood Incantation
2015 - Gruesome
2014 - At The Gates
2013 - Carcass
2012 - Grave
2011 - Autopsy
2010 - Atheist
2009 - Asphyx
2008 - Hail Of Bullets
2007 -  Monstrosity
2006 - Deicide
2005 -  Bolt Thrower
2004 - Bloodbath
2003 - Edge Of Sanity
2002 - Kataklysm
2001 - Opeth
2000 - Nile
1999 - God Dethroned
1998 - Gorguts
1997 - Entombed
1996 - Cryptopsy
1995 - Suffocation
1994 - Cannibal Corpse
1993 - Cynic
1992 - Napalm Death
1991 - Dismember
1990 - Obituary
1989 - Morbid Angel
1988 - Death
1987 - Slaughter
1986 - Sepultura
1985 - Possessed


  • I want to do a guitar cover project covering this. 15 to 30 seconds per album. If anyone wants to recommend which song (and even which riff) from these albums I should cover, please let me know!! philrockdenis@gmail.com

    Phil Rock 666
  • Ash… just click on the “Blog” tab dude. I’ll be listing each album individually and doing a little write up for each one, as well as posting a video link for people to check out the music if they don’t know the album already. The Possessed and Sepultura posts are already up. Cheers!

    Pull The Plug Patches
  • Thanks for the list, any chance you can say what bands are what?
    Some of the album covers I can’t read, I’m sure all the death martial aficionados out there will be all over it. Not me unfortunately, but am keen to check them out!

  • Let’s see if this works

  • Looking forward to this. Sure we are going to see all the heavyweights cone out, what I’m really keen to see is the diamonds in the rough!
    Cheers Hoges


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