Cynic - Focus - 1993

Cynic - Focus - 1993

Focus is a game changer album. Love it or hate it, there is no denying the influence it had on the scene. It was an album that was light years ahead of its time, and for that same reason it stands up every bit to any contemporary release. Cynic demonstrated with unmatched musicianship and passion that Death Metal could be so much more than just caveman riffs and guttural vocals. Progressive guitar work and clean vocals processed through a vocorder gave Focus an otherworldly quality. Lyrically the album was a huge departure from what their peers were doing at the time, and Focus proved that philosophy, introspection, and mysticism all had a place at the Death Metal table.


1. Veil of Maya 
2. Celestial Voyage 
3. The Eagle Nature 
4. Sentiment
5. I'm But a Wave to...
6. Uroboric Forms 
7. Textures
8. How Could I

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