Death - Leprosy - 1988

Death - Leprosy - 1988

My personal all time favorite Death Metal album, which also just so happens to be the first Death Metal album I ever bought at the tender age of 12. I was mostly listening to Bay Area thrash at the time, but in the days when we still went to record stores to source out new music, Ed Repka’s artwork jumped out at me and I had to buy it. How could something all dressed up in pink possibly look so sinister and evil? The first time I heard Chuck’s vocals they honestly scared the shit out of me, but they kept me coming back for more. Soon thereafter Death Metal became an obsession. Leprosy is THE Death Metal album for me. Absolutely essential!


1. Leprosy
2. Born Dead
3. Forgotten Past
4. Left to Die
5. Pull the Plug
6. Open Casket
7. Primitive Ways
8. Choke on It

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35 Years of Death Metal!

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  • This is my favourite album from Death next to Spiritual Healing. Open Casket is such a banger!

    Gabriel Farrell

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