Monstrosity – Spiritual Apocalypse - 2007

Monstrosity – Spiritual Apocalypse - 2007

In the 1990s Monstrosity were always regarded as one of the ‘also rans’ of the Florida scene. They were the farm team that gave Cannibal Corpse George Fisher, and while releasing some solid albums, they were rarely held in the same regard as their contemporaries. By the 2000s the only remaining member from those early days was drummer Lee Harrison, but with Spiritual Apocalypse he surrounded himself with a very capable new cast of characters who helped him hit a bases loaded home run. Spiritual Apocalypse is quite a progressive, technical, and forward thinking album, but it still retains some of the more ruthless elements of earlier releases like Imperial Doom. The songwriting, layering, and sense of melody here are impeccable, making repeated listens a rewarding experience as new soundscapes are revealed to the careful listener. It took another 11 years for the equally brilliant The Passage of Existence to see the light of day, but the release of Spiritual Apocalypse made it clear that Monstrosity earned their rightful place among the Death Metal elite.


1. Spiritual Apocalypse 
2. Firestorm 
3. Apostles of the Endless Night 
4. Within Divisions of Darkness 
5. The Inhuman Race 
6. Remnants of Divination 
7. Illumination 
8. Sacred Oblivion 
9. The Bloodline Horror 
10. Triumph in Black

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