Napalm Death - Utopia Banished - 1992

Napalm Death - Utopia Banished - 1992

Utopia Banished was a bit of a step back towards the Grindcore sound that Napalm Death was known for prior to the release of Harmony Corruption, which was quite a controversial release in some quarters at the time. But it is the mixture of Death Metal and Grindcore that Napalm gets exactly right on Utopia Banished that makes it a standout. Plus the band’s politics are absolutely spot-on… change your life!


1. Discordance 
2. I Abstain 
3. Dementia Access 
4. Christening of the Blind 
5. The World Keeps Turning 
6. Idiosyncratic 
7. Aryanisms 
8. Cause and Effect (Pt. II) 
9. Judicial Slime 
10. Distorting the Medium 
11. Got Time to Kill 
12. Upward and Uninterested 
13. Exile 
14. Awake (To a Life of Misery) 
15. Contemptuous

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