Obituary - Cause of Death - 1990

Obituary - Cause of Death - 1990

No album in Death Metal history has as many anthems as Cause of Death. The album delivers earworm after earworm. Each creeping riff is slathered in an unhealthy dose of groove and swagger, making Obituary one of the best to ever emerge from the swamplands of Florida. It’s Celtic Frost worship 101, but delivered with a trademark redneck stomp. Riffs, riffs, and more riffs are on tap, but what makes Obituary really extraordinary is the inimitable voice of John Tardy. There is never any doubt about what band you are listening to once his throaty vocals kick in. It is the unique garbled screams that often stood in for actual lyrics that make Cause of Death such a deadly treat.


1. Infected
2. Body Bag 
3. Chopped in Half 
4. Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover) 
5. Dying 
6. Find the Arise 
7. Cause of Death 
8. Memories Remain
9. Turned Inside Out

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