Possessed - Seven Churches

Possessed - Seven Churches - 1985

The album that started it all! All genres were born somewhere, and it’s hard to contest that Possessed laid the blueprint for what was to come. Things got heavier from here on out, but Seven Churches established the foundation that was to be refined and brutalized even further. There was literally nothing like this at the time and we all have Jeff Becerra to thank for sparking the scene we know and love today. Without his courage to try a different vocal style from the glut of Bay Area Thrash bands at the time, we might never have had the opportunity to enjoy the lethal pleasures of brutality.


1. The Exorcist
2. Pentagram
3. Burning in Hell
4. Evil Warriors
5. Seven Churches
6. Satan's Curse
7. Holy Hell
8. Twisted Minds
9. Fallen Angel
10. Death Metal

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