Shipping policy


We ship from Australia.This takes time! Your patience is appreciated.

Pull The Plug Patches takes NO responsibility for untracked packages lost or damaged in the mail. It is YOUR responsibility as a customer to purchase a level of cover you are comfortable with. 


Optional Extra Insurance Cover (the value is insured to US$70, but is NOT tracked) or Tracked Shipping (also insured to US$70) are available if you choose, but you must add them to your cart at the time of checkout. If you wish to purchase additional insurance beyond the indicated coverage rates, please contact us before placing your order. 

In the extremely unlikely event that your order is lost it will be thoroughly investigated and a refund will be issued only for the insured amount or the value of your purchase, whichever amounts to less. A refund will only be given to customers who purchased Tracked Shipping or Extra Cover Insurance. Again, if you choose Standard Shipping you will NOT be refunded and you assume all risk!



If you did not purchase Tracked Shipping with your order please DO NOT message us asking for updates. Your guess is as good as ours. Without tracking, once it is placed in the mailbox it is beyond our knowledge or control.

When we do a new drop we typically receive about 1000 orders in a single day. We have only 1 person to process all those orders and obviously it takes significant time. Please do not message us asking when your order will ship within the first 14 days following a drop. We do our best to get everything out within that time frame and having to repeatedly answer this same question only slows us down. When your order ships you will receive an email, so check your SPAM folder. If after 2 weeks your order has not been shipped feel free to message us and we will look into it. We know you want your orders, and we want you to have them too, but please be patient and realistic. We are not Amazon and do not offer 1 day shipping. 

Note the following rough estimates for time of delivery once your order has actually shipped...

Australia - 1 to 3 weeks
New Zealand - 2 to 4 weeks
East Asia - 5 to 10 weeks
Europe - 6 to 12 weeks
North America - 6 to 12 weeks
Everywhere Else - 8 to 24 weeks

These are just estimates and delivery could come sooner or take longer. In some instances orders have taken as long as 9 months to arrive. This situation reflects the fact that Australia is very remote in relation to most other countries, and importantly that COVID has caused and continues to cause very significant delays in shipping times owing to lockdowns, staffing shortages, government quarantines, and very few flights coming in and out of Australia. Often times things that would usually be sent by air are being shipped by sea because no flights are available. We have no control over delivery times and simply ask for your patience and understanding during an unprecedented global pandemic. 



1. Please DO NOT email us asking if your order has shipped without checking your SPAM folder first. All orders are shipped out as fast as possible, usually within 3 or 4 days of receiving your order, and once shipped an automated email is sent by the website. We get a LOT of orders, especially when a new batch is released, so receiving frequent emails asking if an order has shipped only slows us down.

2. If you placed your order using standard shipping please DO NOT email us asking for the tracking number. There is no tracking number. You chose to have your item sent untracked so we cannot produce a tracking number where one does not exist.
3. If you preorder a backpatch please understand that preorder means you are ordering before the item is made. Please DO NOT make a preorder and then message us after a few weeks complaining that you have not received your item. Instead, return to the product you preordered on our website and look at the estimated time frame for production. We cannot ship anything until it is actually made.


A clarification on shipping since we get concerned messages at least once every single day from people who think their orders are lost…

Just because you ordered something first does not mean it will arrive first. This is not the way that mail works. As strange as it may seem, this is completely normal! International mail is not a conveyor belt system of first in first out. There are literally a million variables that go into shipping any given package. 

Think of it like this… If you and your next door neighbour work at the same place and he leaves for work 10 minutes before you but you still arrive first, there is no mystery to this. You drove faster, hit all the green lights, and took a shortcut. Same thing with sending parcels. So no need to worry, your order is not lost and will get there soon enough, even if it takes the scenic route.


We are not responsible for customs, duties or any taxes that may be applied to your order. It is your responsibility as a consumer to know the local regulations in your own country and to make your purchasing decisions accordingly. We will not reimburse you for any taxes, duties, or customs fees that you may have to pay so please don't ask. We ship worldwide and with 195 countries in the world, we cannot possibly know the regulations for each nation. Again, this is all up to you!


The Tracked Shipping amounts are region and country specific. We have no control over the shipping prices set by Australia Post. Any complaints should be directed to them, not to us. Their complaints and feedback department can be found here