Meet The Team


Both CEO and mailroom grunt, Marni is the Wizard of Oz behind the whole operation. She oversees designs, manages our finances, and coordinates all our shipping operations from the Pull The Plug Patches headquarters in Newcastle, Australia. A queen of Metal majesty and might!


Simon is on the frontlines of our global patch empire. He handles customer interactions, coordinates design ideas, works closely with our manufacturers, and liaises with bands, labels, and managers. And all those bad dad jokes you see on our social media? Yeah, you can blame him.


Our Romanian designer extraordinaire, Károly-Róbert takes our design ideas to the next level and turns them into solid gold. Possessing the Midas touch, he is an absolute master at his craft and hands down the best graphic designer for patches in the business. A battle vest is not a battle vest until it has a Károly-Róbert designed patch on it!


Originally hailing from Colombia, Chalo is a video production editor now based in Melbourne, Australia. He is also an OSDM maniac and a wealth of creativity and passion. Chalo produces all our videos, adding a huge dose of magic to the Pull The Plug Patches team. An integral part of our social media presence, he’s also responsible for some of our coolest patch and longsleeve shirt designs.