Want To Work With Us?

So you want to work with us? Great! But a few things first…

To be clear, we are NOT a manufacturer. What this means is we do not provide quotes to make patches for your band. That is not our function or purpose.

Instead, we are a retailer and music promotion service. We have built a very large and enthusiastic following of supporters across social media. Most of our followers are rabid collectors of patches and voraciously consume the bands that we make patches for. Working with us is a good way to get your band in front of a significant audience of Metal diehards (175K followers and 50K likes on Facebook, and 30K followers on Instagram).
For the bands we work with, we typically offer a merch split deal where you get free product, and we take a slightly larger share of the patches to cover our expenses (i.e., design, promotional materials, production costs, labour, and shipping). For larger, more established bands we sometimes offer licensing contracts, where we pay very competitive and above industry standard royalties on all of our sales.

If you are interested in working with us please send us your Electronic Press Kit, which at a minimum should include the following:

  1. A brief bio
  2. A promotional photo of your band
  3. Links to all of your social media accounts
  4. A link to your entry in The Metal Archives
  5. A link to your Bandcamp or Youtube so we can check out your music
  6. Links to any press and/or reviews that you have received
  7. An indication of your touring experience to date and any forthcoming tour plans

NOTE: WE CANNOT REPLY TO ALL MESSAGES THAT WE RECEIVE. WE WILL ONLY RESPOND IF WE ARE INTERESTED IN TALKING FURTHER REGARDING A PATCH RELEASE. We get a significant number of submissions every week and just don’t have the time to respond to every inquiry that we receive.

All inquiries should be sent HERE