Preorder Policy

  • In addition to stocking thousands of products, we also offer preorders on certain items. These items are often in the early stages of production and are not yet completed or shipped to us. Frequently, these items are available only for a limited time or in strictly limited quantities. By collecting orders in advance, we can provide you with the products you want in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.
  • Pull The Plug Patches sets expected ship dates based on the information available to us, but be aware that the stated dates are only ever our best estimate and are not written in stone. Most of our preorders ship on or before the dates listed on the product page, but occasionally production or transportation issues can cause delays that are completely beyond our control.
  • If you have preorder items in your order, it will only ship when all items are ready. Please note that if a preorder item’s expected ship date is postponed, the shipment of your other items will also be delayed. To avoid this, consider placing separate orders for items you need sooner.
  • To prevent payment issues, we capture all payments when you first place your order, including those with preorder items. This ensures you don't miss out on a limited item due to card expiration, billing address changes, or a depleted PayPal balance between ordering and shipping.