Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Exodus - Bonded by Blood

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Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Black magic rites on this battle vest night!

This is a PREORDER!! Backpatches will ship in late April. 

Preorder is open until they sell out or March 15th, whatever comes first. Reserve your copy today!

NOTE: If you choose Standard shipping your backpatch will be sent FOLDED! The patch can be ironed on the back side when you receive it to flatten it out again. Never iron the front side! We will NOT be responsible for any damage if you choose this option. 


1. Bonded by Blood 
2. Exodus 
3. And Then There Were None 
4. A Lesson in Violence 
5. Metal Command 
6. Piranha 
7. No Love 
8. Deliver Us to Evil
9. Strike of the Beast